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pre-contract steps


the first step, we need to know is where you want to build. we can build on a lot that you may already have or choose from one of our many lots in inventory. 


The second step is the house layout. We can build from one of our many designs or we can build a design that you bring to us. 


The third step is amenities. we will need to know what items above the standard features you are looking to include into the house.


Once we have lot, house, and amenities identified we can write up a proposal. From the proposal we will work to a contract. Once a contract is mutually accepted and signed the selection process begins along with the construction of your dream home. 

frequently asked questions

do i need a construction loan?

we do not require a construction loan. if no construction loan is provided we will charge a finance charge

should i contact an architect?

not necessary. we draft our prints in house allowing for quicker turn around times. you are more than welcome to bring outside p

can I upgrade features after a contract is signed?


do i need a realtor?

no. when building a new construction house with us you do not need a realtor. we are real estate professionals that have built hundreds of homes over the past 30+ years. if you are actively working with a realtor we are more than welcome to work with them though. 

how long does it take to build?

on average we can build from contract to closing in 7-11 months depending on the size and detail of the home. 

how do i finance the construction?

we work with several great lenders or your preferred lender. our preferred method is a construction-perm loan. with this loan you are able to lock in your interest rate prior to the construction of the home by closing on the house prior to construction. traditional construction loans can only have rates locked in towards the end of construction a couple months prior to the closing. 

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